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Dubai’s premier children innovations all-day nursery where kids learn whilst having oodles of fun and parents have total peace of mind. The large space in The Greens View has one interactive play area as well as Gardens view play area and a cinema room for screening cartoons. We have a qualified nurse onsite at all times and a consultant pediatrician is available twice a week. We are pre-school nursery located in the Greens view in Dubai. Our Team are specialized in education and early learning curriculum.

  • Educational Excellence
  • Fun & Laughter
  • Quality Healthcare (onsite)
Why Choose Us?


Build a child care program where the needs and interests of children come first. A place needs and interests of children come first. A place where children will receive the individual attention and care that they need to grow and learn at this important stage of their lives; where children feel safe and secure, and where parents can take comfort in knowing that their children are receiving the highest level of care. Most importantly a place where we as parents would feel comfortable enrolling our own child .In order to acheive our goal we consulted with career childcare professionals and experts in both child development and early childhood education.


Our aim is to continue to improve our happy, safe and stimulating learning environment where your child is supported during play and education, where he/she is welcomed, valued, respected and encouraged to reach his/her individual potential socially, emotionally, physically and academically. The sky is the limit.


Educational Excellence

Fun & Laughter

Quality Healthcare (onsite)

24/7 Safety & Security

Cultural Inclusive

Social Interaction

Technology (its role in child development)

Trust & Transparency

Relationships (with parents, kids, teachers, nurses and doctors)


Nursery Manager
Head of Teacher
Teacher assistant
Medical Nurse
Medical Doctor

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